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Monday 26th July 2010

111 Fire Brigade

I just wanted to say a thank you for the fast response of the local Fire Brigade when I rang 111 after seeing a fire had been left unattended on a section in Quail Way.
I was appalled that someone could be so stupid, as the wind can so quickly carry a spark into the forest or nearby tinder dry grass and pine trees and a major fire could have erupted.
Thankfully the message got through within 5 minutes from 111 to Waitarere Fire vols and they were there with their Fire Appliance in minutes.This also highlights the fact that there is little water to access in the Waitarere Rise Development (especially in summer months)at the moment .This will continue to be the case until more homes are built and water tanks are available.

Gillian Bell

Waitarere Beach Fire Brigade
now has a defibrillator

More to this, the Waitarere Beach Fire Brigade now has a defibrillator. Follow this link to read about this wonderful life saving equipment. So if you are in trouble or are at the scene of an accident ,, fire or injury please call 111 and ask for the Waitarere Beach Fire Brigade as well as any of the other emergency help.

Received 21st January 2009VEHICLE ACCESS IN FRONT
HiI see on your website that you are seeking comments on beach matters.Could I make the following please:Re Beach motor vehicle accessI read in the press where the presence of a Police Officer and the volunteers have made a difference to vehicle behavior over the Christmas period.Whilst I agree they are doing a good job, and I applaud them for that, their inability to be present 24/7 still leaves lots of opportunities for the hoons to “perform”.I know this is not a new idea, but why do we not press for a partial beach closure to prohibit through traffic.Could the beach not be closed to vehicles just south of the area where the Surf Club patrols, to just north of the Windsor Street access.This would allow families to have a vehicle free area where children can play safely without the constant fear of speeding vehicles and still have ample opportunity to park close to where they wish to relax if they choose.

Thanks for the opportunity