Current Conditions

Waitarere Beach Webcam
This image, from the north end of Waitarere Beach, is updated every 15 minutes on a 15 minute delay. Note that the time stamp is New Zealand Standard Time [GMT+12] (so will be one hour behind when summer time is in effect, October to April).
Thanks to Nathan Penny, from Remote Networks, for the camera installation.

Current beach conditions are available here.

Our growing sand dunes

According to Horizons Regional Council, Beach front land is growing one to one and a half metres a year.  Hence we have long sand dunes. Better the sand dunes accrue as opposed to the sea eroding the sand dunes as is happening in many beach settlements.

The Hyderabad, which was wrecked in 1878, is now completely buried in the dunes.

Please see this recent article on the Surf Club which explains the accretion.


Our new site

We hope you like our new site design. We had a few problems with our previous site so have started over. The previous site had imbeds of weather information and properties for sale, but these are no longer permitted by the web site owners, so we have provided links to those web sites.